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Activity Fitness Tracker Smart Band


  • OS Compatibility: Android 4.4 or above, IOS 8.2 or above
  • Display: Full circle touch colorful screen 1.3”, 240*204
  • Chip: Nordic 52832
  • Battery: 180mAh


  • Pedometer/calorie, Sleep monitoring, Multi-sport mode, Heart rate detection, Blood pressure test, Vibration motor, Alarm reminder, Stopwatch, Countdown, Find phone, Female physiological
  • reminder, Sedentary reminder, incoming call, Call rejection, Other message push, WeChat movement, Raise your hand to brighten, Brightness control, Remote photography
  • Bluetooth: BT4.2
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Color: Black,Pink,Blue,Brown
  • APP: H band
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Activity Fitness Tracker Smart Band, the ultimate game-changer in wearable technology that revolutionizes your fitness journey and transforms your overall health. This cutting-edge device seamlessly blends state-of-the-art features with unparalleled convenience, ensuring it becomes your ultimate companion in staying active and achieving your wellness goals.

With its remarkable array of tracking capabilities, the Activity Fitness Tracker Smart Band becomes your personal fitness guru, meticulously monitoring your physical activities in real-time. Whether you’re power-walking, jogging, cycling, or engaging in any other exercise, this smart band precisely records every move you make, enabling you to keep tabs on your progress and establish realistic milestones.

The smart band goes beyond ordinary tracking. It incorporates an advanced heart rate monitor, empowering you to optimize your workouts by staying within your target heart rate zone. By doing so, you can supercharge your exercise routine and unlock exceptional results. Moreover, the device analyzes your sleep patterns, delivering valuable insights into the quality and duration of your rest. Armed with this knowledge, you can fine-tune your sleep habits, ensuring you wake up rejuvenated and ready to conquer the day.

Stay effortlessly connected with the world around you as the Activity Fitness Tracker Smart Band seamlessly pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Experience the convenience of receiving instant notifications for calls, text messages, and social media updates, all conveniently delivered to your wrist. Take full control of your music, effortlessly set alarms, and even locate your phone with the band’s ingenious features.

Designed with your comfort in mind, this smart band is feather-light, completely waterproof, and boasts an extended battery life to keep up with your active lifestyle. Its vibrant touchscreen display ensures effortless navigation, making every interaction a breeze.

Don’t just follow the trend; set it. Embrace a healthier lifestyle, seize control of your fitness journey, and let the Activity Fitness Tracker Smart Band become your unwavering fitness companion, propelling you toward greatness. Step into a world of limitless possibilities and unlock your true potential.

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