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Smart Sports Bracelet



  • RAM: rom 512KB  sram 138KB
  • Memory: External 32Mflash


  • Screen: 1.3″TFT 240*240
  • Screen category: TFT
  • Resolution: 240*240 Pixel
  • Touchscreen: Single touch: support
  • G-SENSOR: SC7A20
  • Battery: 3.7V/90mah
  • Power interface: Clip charging
  • Vibration motor: support
  • Waterproof: support IP67
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Fitness tracking with the revolutionary smart sports bracelet. This groundbreaking wearable device is redefining how we approach our health and well-being. Crafted with a seamless blend of cutting-edge technology and unmatched comfort, it sets the bar high for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and those striving to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Prepare to be amazed as the smart sports bracelet becomes your ultimate activity companion. With an array of sensors and features, it provides a comprehensive monitoring system for your every move. From tracking your steps and distance traveled to accurately measuring calories burned and monitoring your heart rate in real-time, this bracelet empowers you with the knowledge to make informed decisions and stay motivated on your fitness journey. Its built-in GPS takes your outdoor workouts to the next level by mapping your routes with precision and enabling you to monitor your progress like never before.

Stay effortlessly connected and informed throughout your day with the smart notifications feature. No need to constantly reach for your phone – conveniently receive calls, text messages, and social media alerts right on your wrist. The vibrant and intuitive touchscreen display makes navigation a breeze, giving you instant access to various functions.

Designed to accommodate a wide range of activities, the smart sports bracelet offers specialized modes for running, cycling, swimming, and more. It provides tailored metrics and valuable insights to help you optimize your performance, all while being water-resistant and able to withstand the most intense workouts and even swimming sessions.

But it doesn’t stop there. The smart sports bracelet goes beyond activity tracking and prioritizes your overall well-being. With sleep monitoring, stress tracking, and guided breathing exercises, it becomes your personal wellness coach. Achieve better sleep quality, manage stress levels effectively, and experience a true mind-body balance.

Indulge in the sleek design, advanced features, and seamless integration with your smartphone. The smart sports bracelet is the ultimate must-have accessory for those seeking to take control of their fitness journey. Embrace the future of wearable technology and unlock your full potential. Elevate your motivation, stay connected, and revolutionize your fitness lifestyle with this state-of-the-art device. Are you ready to transform your world?

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